We are well aware that a large part of the ongoing success of the system is the cooperative and collaborative approach we undertake with local grower groups and landowners. COtL is also working with some research and development bodies to provide further value to our users and the industry. If you would like to chat with a COtL member to discuss collaboration and partnership opportunities, please email


The COtL Mesonet is offering the opportunity to advertise on our Mesonet websites to assist with the financial costs of the required ongoing maintenance for this premium weather network. A majority of our users are broadacre growers, spray applicators and farm businesses decision-makers who access the Mesonet website every day.


Sponsorship options to reduce the subscription costs for our SA growers are available. From manufacturing to spray application, we all have a responsibility to ensure pesticides do not end up in places they shouldn’t be. If you’d like to sponsor SA growers to ensure pesticide products are used safely, please email

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Riverland Vineyard in Autumn, South Australia – by Andrey Moisseyev
Riverland Vineyard in Autumn, South Australia – by Andrey Moisseyev